Tumblr’s not active anymore!

For some reason tumblr won’t log me in. My iPhone’s the only thing that’s logged in and it’s no use so I reblogged some of my recent likes to save them and bid you farewell :) My new and from now on only tumblr’s whycantigohome.tumblr.com though I don’t think I’ll do more than reblogging there. Take care :)

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*and this is the RArmy’s reaction*

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Helena Christensen Catwalk

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Helena Christensen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Naomi Campbell, Sophie Dahl, Terence Stamp, Yasmin Le Bon, Claudia Schiffer and Christele

‘Dresses Up’

Elle UK, December 1997 

Photos by Andrew MacPherson

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North & South episode 4

(AArmy, I’m pretty sure you have that gifset already, but I really wanted to make this)

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Why people love Loki more than Thor



How Thor asks to borrow your horse:

How Loki asks to borrow your horse:

Case closed.


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OTP of all OTPs

Guy/Meg - a heartbreaking moment

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Carré Otis & Tatjana Patitz

Vogue UK, April 1989 

Photos by Herb Ritts

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